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Happy Halloween everybody!

It's been an okay day. I got a call in response to something that I applied for yesterday - it's a non-profit job at a school through an agency. I had a pretty good conversation with the guy running the agency (I didn't ramble this time - go, me!). He e-mailed me the real application - 8 pages - jeez. I'll have to do some pre-writing before filling it out. They want to know about every job I've ever had. I may have to go back to my days in retail for this one. No other calls, so no assignments for next week yet.

I decided to use my last movie pass and went to see "Zack & Miri Make a Porno". It had some funny bits, but mostly was just sweet. Well, a Kevin Smith version of sweet. You get what you normally get with him. Saw a preview for "Fanboys" which will definitely be on the must-see list.

Crap. Seabs doesn't seem to be well out there. As in injured unwell. Hopefully they're exaggerating. More on that in the next post.

I put in my [ profile] oz_magi wish finally. I actually like it, and yes, everyone who knows me and my tastes should know which one is mine when the wishes are posted. I need to work on my BtVS/Firefly crossover. It's not due until December, but I'd rather get that finished and then move into whatever Oz Magi story I'm assigned.
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I saw a really good movie on DVD the other day - "Silver City" - it's a John Sayles film, a bit of a political mystery, with Chris Cooper channeling the former governor of Texas. Billy Zane and Miguel Ferrer are in it and the script is just wonderful. I just got done re-watching "Your Friends and Neighbors" (I've been waiting for it to come to Netflix). Say what you will about Neil LaBute, but I think he's a genius. He definitely doesn't shy away from anything or feels like he has to go the route of redemption. And sometimes that's a good thing.

Hawks training camp starts in a few weeks (maybe sooner). They've got a great picture before you get into the website of Toews and Kane out there at Wrigley and the tagline - Our Goal: Fly the "W" Flag in January. (It's flown after all Cub victories so the riders on the El know that they won, and since the Jan.1 game is at Wrigley vs. the hated Wings, I'm very much in favor of that statement.)

That's it for now. Off to make lunch and then some more writing or watching highlights from last hockey season (which suddenly seems like a great idea).
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Saw the last two Oscar nominated films today - "Michael Clayton" and "Atonement". I wasn't going to see the latter, but since my sibs had both seen all five Best Picture films, I wasn't going to be left out.

"Michael Clayton" is very good. I really did enjoy it, even though it really didn't break a whole lot of new ground - once again stomping down the "big corporation=bad" road that's been done quite a bit recently. That being said, it was still a heckuva good script - opening monologue especially. Clooney is all right, not sure he deserves a Best Actor nomination, but he does a nice job of standing still while everybody else acts circles around him. And they get extra points for putting David Zayas on camera - there's something seriously wrong with me when I'm thinking that Clooney's being out-sexy-ed by the guy who played Enrique Morales (just saying). Of course, Tilda Swinton left them all behind, but that's pretty much a "me" thing.

"Atonement" was much, much better than I expected. So much so that it somehow managed to leapfrog to number 3 on my rankings of the 5 films. McAvoy was not annoying which helped quite a bit. Some of the directorial choices were rather silly, but the film on the whole had some lovely things to say about the nature of storytelling.

So ranking the five Best Picture nominations-
1, There Will Be Blood
2. No Country for Old Men (which will probably win)
3. Atonement
4. Michael Clayton
5. Juno

Academy voting aside, I've seen at least 14 films from 2007 (in the theater) and my top five are:
1. Superbad
2. Eastern Promises
3. Sweeney Todd
4. There Will Be Blood
5. The Savages

There will be more predictions and awards related stuff as the week goes on.
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I had planned to post the next part of "Great Risks" tonight, but it's undergoing some major changes because I needed a tonal shift, but now I've doubled the choreography aspect (which I despise). So it'll be at least another day or two.

Went to see "The Savages" today. It was very good. Philip Seymour Hoffman reminds me of my brother in so many ways - I don't necessarily think of Laura Linney's character as myself though (and definitely not my sister), but there were certain aspects of their relationship that were true of ours (and quite possibly reflective of many sibling relationships). Both the writing and acting were very good. A side note - David Zayas (Enrique Morales from OZ) has a small role at the beginning of the film. I recognized his voice immediately and he looks quite good nowadays.

Also saw "No Country for Old Men". I'm not sure about the movie, but the character that Javier Bardem plays is definitely going to be talked about for years to come. The film seems to be more of a commentary on the world today than actually being something that is a more traditional narrative. One warning, there's quite a bit of violence in it.

Between the three movies I saw this weekend, I find myself wanting something sweet and romantic. Maybe I'll pop in "State & Main" or something like that before bed.
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Listening to the Hawks-Coyotes now. Bummed that the Blues lost to Nashville, but that's how it goes. I really love our division (although points-wise, I'd wish we'd switch with the West so that our teams could be in contention for the playoffs) because you can be in second place one week and last the next (still waiting for the vice-versa, by the way). Still haven't decided whether or not I'll go to the Kings game Tuesday. Guess it'll depend on how work goes and how high my pain tolerance is (they're playing Detroit again).

I'm a little peeved at Netflix because even though I sent in three vids Wednesday, which they got Thursday, I still haven't received the next three. I was looking a little forward to seeing the rest of "Big Love" over the three-day weekend. No such luck.

I went to see "There Will Be Blood" today. It was quite good. This pretty much echoes what everyone else has been saying but Daniel Day-Lewis inhabits his character. It's one of those performances that doesn't seem like a performance. Paul Dano is just wonderful, and I'm still uncertain if he's really playing twins or if he's just a guy suffering from a split-personality. But everytime that he's on screen, it's really amazing. And the scene at the end is incredible (I'm not going to say anything beyond that). BTW, despite the lack of women in the film, I don't think it's all that slash-worthy, just in case anyone was wondering. And I haven't mentioned it, but Paul Thomas Anderson still hasn't lost his touch as a writer-director.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a double-feature of "The Savages" and "No Country for Old Men". I'm looking forward to it. Noms come out on Tuesday and I want to see as much as I can before then. If anybody has seen "Atonement", can you let me know if it's worthwhile? (I still have a little residual McAvoy-resistance since "Becoming Jane") It's right up there with Red Wings-Kings on my list of things that I should see, but would rather avoid.
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Saw "Juno" today. It was quite enjoyable. J.K. Simmons did wonderful work (as usual) in the role of Juno's father.

The last movie I saw (that I didn't mention yet) was "I'm Not There" - Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan film. It was as strange as can be imagined when six different actors are playing seven different aspects of the singer's personality and phases of his life. It was very well done though.

Have a fairly busy weekend ahead - I need to go get my hair chopped off tomorrow (it's starting to look a little too shaggy for my liking) and then out to do a bit more Christmas shopping. I also have to find time to finish up my Oz Magi story (it's going well, but there's still more to write - and I may wind up editing a bit when all is said and done, but it's all got to be finished and e-mailed before I leave on Friday morning.) I've also decided to write a little Christmas story for my firefly fandom, so that needs to be done as well. And I may sneak out to see another movie along the way - I really want to find a theater that's showing "Starting Out in the Evening". I love Frank Langella. Either that or "The Savages". I have a feeling that my sister is going to drag me to "Atonement" (okay, I told her she could drag me to "Atonement") and that'll be the second McAvoy movie we've seen this year ("Becoming Jane" was the first - YAWN!) But "Sweeney Todd" may be on the agenda and my dad's probably wanting to go see "Charlie Wilson's War".

I really haven't analyzed the Golden Globe announcements too much. I was a little disappointed that "Life" didn't get a nom (and even more so that the Writers' Guild of America didn't nominate it for Best New Series, Best Drama, or anything in an Episodic Drama category). I also thought that Ben Foster and 3:10 to Yuma should have been noticed more, but Westerns are pretty much American stories, and not necessarily going to be paid much attention to on the international stage. I will say that both Holly Hunter and Glenn Close being nominated in the same category (Lead Actress in a TV Series - Drama) makes me hope for a tie. And yay! for those couple of nominations that "Eastern Promises" received - it probably won't win, but that's one movie that I wish I'd seen a second time in the theaters.

My Hawks hit a bit of a downslide, but managed to right themselves, and hopefully now will start to move up to their rightful (2nd) place in the standings again (They're currently in 4th - I don't like to think about it).

I could talk some about the Mitchell report, but who's really going to be shocked to learn that a man over 40, who can consistently throw pitches up to 90mph, is on steroids. That's a news flash. I think with all the shock over Clemens, everybody seems to have forgotten about Bonds. I have a feeling that eventually the fit's going to hit the shan in the football world as well, and it ain't going to be pretty.

I really can't believe that in a week, I'll be back in St. Louis again. I'm looking forward to it.
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What are your ten worst films of all time? Anyone can play - just post your answer here as well as in your own LJ.

The List )
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I've been burning the candle at both ends recently so I'm taking a night off from the writing (for the most part). The jury duty thing has been hell - 2 days and we've spent only 4 hours in the courtroom still in the middle of jury selection - I'm not on the panel yet, still out in the gallery, but I have to go back again tomorrow (after putting in a couple hours at the office, like I did today) to sit in the room and listen to the same question "do you think you can be impartial?" over and over again. If I respond that I think everyone involved in the case is equally an asshole, does that mean I'm still impartial. This is undeniably inefficient. And no, I'm not talking about the case, I'm talking about the process, thereby, not violating anything. Anyhoo, I've been spending my available minutes back at work - went there when we were done yesterday, before we started this morning, when we went on our 3 hour recess today, and then after. I would have stayed longer afterward, but Wifey was there and being a bitch and I'd had it up to here with her. So I did the thing I planned to do on Saturday which was go see "Eastern Promises". It's quite fun and there's nothing that beats stress better than watching a naked Viggo kicking a whole lotta ass (BTW, they haven't censored it - yet). It felt a little bit lighter than "A History of Violence" but there was still some things that may make some people a little bit squeamish.

And both the Kings & my beloved Blackhawks won their pre-season games tonight. I've stopped putting a lot of stock in pre-season, but the winning is still very nice.
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Because the Rick Ankiel (baseball-HGH) situation depresses me so much that I'd prefer not to address it right now, I thought it'd be fun to talk about the upcoming award season and what I'm looking forward to.

This list is comprised of films that debuted in Venice or Toronto as well as a few that I've seen previews or advance reviews for.

Longish List of Films & Preliminary Opinions behind the cut )

And now, on to 3:10 to Yuma. It is quite simply one of the slashiest films I've seen this past year. I adore Russell Crowe. I won't say I like him in everything he does (I liked his outfits in Gladiator but the eye candy couldn't distract me from the fact that the story was utterly ridiculous). In this, he was very good. And any movie where he can smile and look relaxed is a wonderful thing (The foot massage scene in L.A. Confidential is one of my favorites). Christian Bale turned in a fine performance as the object of Russell's fascination, but the guy who took the movie and ran screaming away with it was Ben Foster - I seriously thought that Russell's character was going to kiss him at the end of the movie (I seriously want to read some Ben Wade/Charlie Prince slash really, really soon). It's good and hot and fun (and yes, both Crowe and Bale have scenes to establish their characters' heterosexuality, but they really aren't fooling anybody). Go see it.

ETA: If anyone feels like recommending something that isn't currently on the list, I'm open to suggestions. Especially for comedies.
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I keep having ideas pop in my brain for something that I wrote a long time ago (and have basically written off as being completed). I'm trying to work on something new so this flirtation with the old material is just distracting.

Have an idea for a fanfic that will cover the time between "Ocean's Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen" and is definitely not one of the mainstream pairings. I've also been thinking about a new "Departed" fic as well.

Actually left the house today (On a Saturday? - scandalous!) and went to see "Superbad". I laughed my butt off. The scene in the liquor store alone is worth the price of admission. It's really good for the inner-12-year-old boy. I like that sort of movie.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I bought a 12-game package for the Kings. It has both the season opener against the Blues and the New Year's Day game against the Hawks included. And I'm sitting pretty much where I want to sit so that's nice. They sent me a survey asking me if I'd be interested in joining their fan club. Umm... no. But they might convert me by the end of the season. The Blues are looking to change their "song after goal". I'm strongly against it, because they're trying to win people back - how is changing something that's been part of the St. Louis hockey experience for over 30 years, going to help out?

Of course, if the Kings have a poll to drop "I Love L.A." as their after-goal song, I'll be the first person to vote for an alternative.
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I put the movie "The Boondock Saints" in my Netflix queue a couple of months ago. I kept running across the title while looking for Oz fic*, read the synopsis and thought "why not?". It's a pretty light (more in weight than in tone), but very enjoyable film. Pure testosterone throughout and Willem Dafoe is a hoot as the FBI investigator (a character that's so unbelievably great, that I wish I could have written him). Most of the violence happens in flashback during the course of the investigation (I was watching an unrated cut, but there was nothing there that made me overly squeamish). It was paced well, didn't suffer from any excess. My only complaint would be that I couldn't understand what the characters were saying some of the time (that's where the subtitles came in handy), but other than that, it was a good film.

* Oh yeah, and any movie that has a character named Murphy McManus is okay in my book.

(I need to write some McManus fic and soon...)
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I finally sat down and watched "Little Children" tonight. And it was quite good. It's my type of story - suburban angst with a fair amount of humor, like a "sex, lies & videotape" or an "American Beauty". I was wondering why the screenwriters felt it necessary to include these beautiful bits of voice-over narration that would be fitting in a book, but not so much a movie. Turns out the novelist co-scripted the film, so I guess he kept a few of his darlings. I liked the voice-over stuff, but somehow the quality of it called to mind the narrator in "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh." And I'm going to bite the bullet and give Kate Winslet the credit she deserves. She completely inhabited the character and won me over from the beginning. I could start heaping loads of praise on it, but let me just say that it was good all the way across the board.

Ocean's 13

Jun. 9th, 2007 06:05 pm
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So I went last night (of course). The movie was okay, but I'll admit to being biased as far as anything Soderbergh is concerned (except maybe "Full Frontal" - I still haven't warmed to that film). It was quite predictible, especially since I've seen the first two numerous times so it was easy to tell where the twists were. This was much more of an ensemble piece than the first two, which was how it was supposed to be - having no romantic subplot kept the action just to the caper itself.

Highlights for me
- Andy Garcia - he stole every scene he was in
- the very unusual quasi-slash storyline between Basher & Rueben
- more Livingston Dell - I love Eddie Jemison
- the cameos by Joe Chrest and Wayne Pere (these probably won't mean anyone who doesn't watch Soderbergh films on a regular basis - in "Out of Sight" they are two of the guys that try to pick up Jennifer Lopez in the bar)
- Julian Sands - granted, he wasn't in it much, but it was good just to see him again

- the pacing was a bit too quick. Because we were keeping up with all of the eleven (or twelve), it allowed very little time to linger
- the hotel reviewer subplot seemed to be going for the lowest common denominator and took away from the film
- Rusty's weird dialogue when it came to his home life - I'm not sure if it was supposed to be particularly funny because I think I missed half of it
- bringing back Toulour from "Ocean's Twelve" - yes, he wound up in Vegas at the end of that film, but it doesn't mean we actually liked him enough to see him again - and really, if my flist is crawling with Vincent Cassel fans, please let me know who you are

I enjoyed it, but it's nothing I would recommend as a "Must-See". (Unlike "Blades of Glory" or "The Departed")

Before the movie, there was a preview for the fourth installment of "Die Hard". That looks like it'll be a great deal of fun.
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So I actually got out of the house again to see a couple of films. I saw "The Painted Veil" which is a little slow moving, but romantic and a little heartbreaking all at the same time. Edward Norton is fabulous. And I didn't expect his character to be anything other than a doormat so I was pleasantly surprised when things didn't quite turn out that way.

I had planned on seeing either "Freedom Writers" or "Dreamgirls" this afternoon, but instead, because the timing was right, I went to see "The Curse of the Golden Flower." It's been a long time since I've seen a Chinese film - "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was the last and that probably shouldn't count. I'd remembered how beautiful they were (artistically, U.S. films literally pale in comparison), but I'd forgotten how incredibly f****d up they can get - anyone who has witnessed the firecracker scene in Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker knows what I mean. And they didn't give it the really heartless twist until the last possible moment. The battle scenes were a little much, there were forces and counter forces and counter-counter forces, it got old after a minute. But all in all, it was a fun little movie and Gong Li was her magnificent self. Looking at her today, I thought that she is the Chinese equivalent of Meryl Streep. I'm going to have to try to get out and see a few more foreign films this year.

They showed a preview for "The Hitcher". I was feeling all comfortable before it started because they put up one of those "This Preview is Suitable for ALL Audiences" so I was thinking "Bambi" or something along those lines. And then the preview started. If I could have curled up into a fetal position in my chair, I would have. The original scared the bejeezus out of me, and even with the promise of Sean Bean, there's no way on God's green earth that I'm getting anywhere near that film. Also, "The Number 23" looks like it's going to be a little strange & spooky so I'll take a pass on that. I'll save my "intense" needs for "Zodiac". That looks like it's going to be a good little movie.

Couple of shout-outs - Thanks, [ profile] jencendiary for the rec. That made my day. And [ profile] ralu_1982, I am still working on your idea. It should be up fairly soon.
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I just saw "The Departed" tonight. Yes, I know it's been out for months. But I finally had the urge to go see it tonight. I'd forgotten the joys of a pure testosterone film and this was just a whole lotta fun. It's in my head now, haunting me. I'll admit, "Titanic" seriously sidetracked me from Leo DiCaprio for a while, but now I'm back on board with a vengeance. I was so rooting for his character in the film - he was absolutely riveting (all the vulnerability was there). The acting in the whole piece was incredibly strong, and Marty's direction was perfect. I may even see it again in order to catch all the technical stuff. Adored Leo, loved Jack and Matt. And give me anything with Mark Wahlberg in it. He's coming up on Matt Dillon and Johnny Depp territory in my mind (I could watch the two of them paint a wall for 2 1/2 hours and not be bored). And the nice thing about this movie is that the female characters didn't detract from the film at all. A lot of times they work against all the male "bonding". BTW, if anyone desires to write a slash story between Mark Wahlberg's character & Leo's character from the movie, I would love to read it. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "working undercover."

I think I want to go see "The Painted Veil" tomorrow. Or "The Good Shepherd". Or "Dreamgirls". Academy Award noms come out on Tuesday and I want to have a couple more films under my belt before then. Or maybe I'll just stay home and watch "Little Miss Sunshine".
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It was another one of those frustrating Sundays. The music was fine - I had never realized that there were 62 verses to "The First Noel" and we sang every last one of them (okay, I might be exaggerating by about 56, but it still made for a long slow song.) The ex wasn't there, and the friend who is my usual bundle of torment was just that. I can't think about it too much because it makes me crazy. It's one of those things that's eventually going to move in one direction or the other and one sends me into terror and the other would be okay, although a little depressing.

Enough on that, I went to see "The Good German" today. It was nice seeing a grown-up movie for a change. It almost seemed more like "Chinatown" than "Casablanca", but maybe that was just because the Clooney's characters name was Jake and I kept expecting someone to say, "Forget it, Jake, it's Potsdam (or something to that effect)." The photography was interesting - some of it was downright beautiful, and the acting was good. All in all, it's not a bad film, but as far as Soderbergh efforts go, it wasn't his best stuff (which would either be "Traffic", "Out of Sight" or "sex, lies and videotape" in case you were wondering). Leland Orser, though, is fantastic. Nice to see him getting a decent sized part. And Ravil Isaynov, who played the head Russian guy, held my attention in every scene he was in. (Yes, I did have to look it up on imdb)

Saw a preview for "Zodiac". I'm quite excited about it. I like David Fincher and the cast - Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elias Koteas, and Chloe Sevigny - looks great. That might be first on the list for the new year.

I still haven't found a present for my niece yet. I may have to try another tactic - shopping for a 4 1/2 year old should not be this difficult. I'll have Wednesday to do some shopping since going to rehearsal this week seems a bit pointless.

It is freezing here. And I'm fairly sure I mean that literally. I have not been able to get warm all day. I'm not even going to try the heat in the apartment - it's a disappointment. I'll just plug the electric blanket in and pretend that winter has actually started.
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I was thinking this morning of my recent trip to St. Louis and something that my brother's girlfriend said sort of off-the-cuff while we were having breakfast at her house. It was to the effect of that she really enjoyed girl-on-girl action in film. My brother responded something like, "well, sweetie, we're gonna have to explore that." I concentrated on the pancakes - the less knowledge I have about my brother's sex life (if he has one), the better. Unless he was gay, that's a whole other kettle of fish. (He's an actor though, so bi credit is understood). But I was thinking that my reasonably sparse knowledge of lesbian-centric films could benefit one poor lost soul looking for some f/f action who may not want to rent porn. So these are my 3 top lesbi-centric films (yes, I know I should have 5, but in reality I have more gay films in my library than lesbian films). #1 Desert Hearts - this was the first lesbian film that I saw. It has a very sweet love story at its heart, a "rewind until the tape falls apart or the DVD skips" kissing scene, and a super-hot, sex scene. It can be a bit dated, some of it is cheesy, but all in all it still remains one of the best. #2 - Bound - Now I have a feeling that all of the Meloni lovers out there have seen this movie, but in case you haven't, it's a really fun caper film with hot girls in tight clothes for most of it, if you are renting this for girl-on-girl action hit rewind after the first 30 minutes because it just concentrates on the caper story after it - CM is in the later part of the film. OK, there are really only 2. I was going to put "Go Fish" on the list, but it could fall under the heading of "too lesbian" so I'll withdraw it.

What makes this sad is that I could probably rattle 5 or 6 man on man films/DVDs off the top of my head - Broken Hearts Club, The Sum of Us, Queer as Folk (the UK version - full frontal), Velvet Goldmine, My Own Private Idaho, Poison, and Oz (of course). A note about Poison - this is the Todd Haynes film that almost singlehandedly destroyed the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts, not National Education Association) - the queer part takes place in prison and is really one of the hottest things I've seen sitting in a classroom with about a hundred other people - there are also parts of this storyline though that are deeply deeply disturbing, so if you happen to see it, don't say I didn't tell you that it was disturbing, but it is also, oh so very good.

I don't know why gay men's films seem better. Maybe there's so many more of them out there that we can disregard all the crap - I'm looking at you "All Over the Guy" - and still have a handful of really good films to choose from, but with the lesbian stuff, we only have a handful to start with. Or maybe it's because the way that men interact is profoundly different than the way women interact and if I wanted to watch women interact for two hours, I'd go somewhere where I could interact with them instead of listening to it on screen. I could say that there's no audience for it and I would be partially right. I'm not the best person out there to judge that sort of thing since I'm one of the ones writing films for gay male audiences to see, actually teeny tiny niche markets of gay male audiences to see, and couldn't write a lesbian film to save my soul. I get bored to tears within 30 pages. And I hate the over-identifying thing. I can go completely free within male characters, straight or gay so it's still myself while not necessarily being recognized as myself. And then I just take a situation and blow it completely out of proportion. That's how I write. More than you needed to know probably, but what the heck.
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Returned my Oz DVD as promised. They had it in the locked up box sets in this place. In the other Borders that I go to Seasons 1-5 are out loose on the shelf. They should either all be safeguarded or all under lock & key. I'd go for the second option, being under lock & key seems so fitting.

Got home and watched a couple of movies:

"Jesus is Magic" which is actually a comedy routine by Sarah Silverman - it wasn't bad, I was a bit peeved because there was a glitch in the middle of the porn song. It seems like a soundtrack that would be fairly fun to listen to, all of the musical numbers ran that edge between charming and shocking. And she's got an interesting stage presence.

Then the awesomely talented Nicole Holofcener once again hit a high note with "Friends with Money". I love her stuff, she writes women so well, nailing all the complexities. And the cast was great - Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack, Frances McDormand, and Jennifer Aniston (and the nameless men who played their partners). (A side note - I think I have seen every movie that Jennifer Aniston made in the past couple of years, and I'm not actively seeking them out on account of her, girlfriend is just making good choices - she'll probably show up in one of Soderbergh's films sooner or later).

My sister got me this creative play thing for my birthday called "Color Creations Coloring Books" where they take famous works of art - impressionism, cubism, modernism - and do the outlines of the original works and let you fill in the rest. I think I'm going to break out the crayons and really relax for a bit. I'm thinking, a nice Kandinsky ought to pass the time beautifully.

Thanks, [ profile] colleendetroit, for the Beecher icons.
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Sitting here wanting to do everything but the dishes that are filling up the sink in the kitchen. Time's like this make me wish I had regular TV so that I could use it as an excuse but I guess my obsessive need for a daily post to this system will have to do.

I watched "Sin City" today. At first I found it a little too dark and then it got better. I can't figure out if I love or hate the idea of graphic novels being adapted into movies - let me rephrase that - I can't figure out if I love or hate the execution of adapting them to the screen. "Road to Perdition" - not real warm about it, "The History of Violence" - loved it, was my 2nd favorite film of last year ("The Constant Gardener" #1, "Brokeback Mountain" #3, "Crash" only in the top 10 because I saw less than 10 films in 2005), and now "Sin City" which was okay - I liked the Clive Owen narrative the best (I may revisit this rating at a later date).

So I have some more "X-Files: Season One" and "The Weather Man" to watch. I had forgotten how unbelievably beautiful Gillian Anderson was in that first season (I'm a sucker for redheads, what can I say). I really am hoping that somebody puts out a copy of "The Bionic Woman" on DVD. I would buy that. No hesitation.

I think I am forming my own little niche group in Oz fic for those folks wanting to take a break from B/K. That's not saying that I would never write for them, but there are a whole lot of people out there who are and are doing a phenomenal job. So I'll play around with my sideline characters some more and read all of the B/K stuff as it comes out. I did like the one on Groves' final words that I stumbled upon.

I find the Oz character generator rather amusing, but is there some reason that the second click for each new entry into the system brings me straight (no pun intended) to The Gays? It's bizarre. I haven't come across any staff either, so maybe it's just prisoners.

So that's all for now. Dishes are calling me. What it really means is that I'll be able to cook and create another load of dishes to do later tonight. It's the circle of fun here in NoHo.


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