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Here is a list of all my fiction entries on LJ grouped by fandom.

Cordelia/Angel - Perfectly (drabble)
Cordelia/Lilah - Prospects (drabble)
Faith/Lilah - Employee Benefits
Lindsey/Angel - A Guy Walks into a Bar
Wes/Illyria - Failure to Communicate (drabble)
William/Angelus -
The Fallen Winged One
Lessons in Control
My [ profile] open_on_sunday drabbles (Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer) are here.

Big Love
Alby & Lois - Revelations
Heather/Rhonda - Deliverance (drabble)
Nicki/Alby - Family Secrets (drabble)
Nicki/Margene - Peaceful Mornings (femmeslash!)

Bionic Woman (2007)
Sarah/Jaime - Electricity (drabble/femmeslash)
Sarah/Jaime - Testing Limits

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Anya/Cordelia - IOU (drabble)
Anya/Darla - L.A. Story
Anya/Dawn - Passing Through
Buffy/Faith -
Dangerous Game
Name-Calling (but in a good way)
One-Sided Vows
Tuned In
Buffy & Spike - Graveside
Buffy/Willow - Letting Go (drabble)
Cordelia/Dawn - On the Road (femmeslash)
Cordelia/Faith - Not the Right Fit (femmeslash)
Dawn -
Diary Entry of an Invisible Girl
Paint (drabble)
Dawn/Faith -
A Little Alone Time (femmeslash)
Nothing Before Now (drabble, femmeslash)
Dawn/Tara - Game Night (femmeslash, AU)
Dawn/Willow - Reunion
Faith/Oz - Night
Faith/Tara - Proof
Faith/Vamp!Willow - Doing the Right Thing (femmeslash, AU)
Giles/Andrew -
The Chosen One
Youthful Experience
Giles & Dawn - Me Protecting Her
Giles & Tara - Instant Cocoa
Giles/Tara - Bend in the Road for [ profile] lgbtfest
Giles/Xander -
Apocalypses are Easier
Arrivals and Departures
Dream Meandering
The Essay
Excerpts from the Diary of Xander Harris, Watcher
How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?
Left Behind
Prom Night
A Question of Identity
Quoting Casablanca
Seeing from the Right Side
Ten Giles/Xander Microfics
Up to Speed for [ profile] maleslashminis
You Are Listening to Los Angeles
Various G/X Octoberfest drabbles
Spike - The Last One (drabble)
Willow & Tara - There's Life Down Below Me Though
Willow & Xander - The Red-Haired Girl (for [ profile] 100_women)
Xander & Anya - Seeing from the Right Side (Drabble Set 2) - Anya's Turn
Xander & Tara - Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt
Xander & various -
Seeing from the Right Side (Drabble Set 1) - Angels & Demons (Joyce, Caleb, Tara, Spike)
Seeing from the Right Side (Drabble Set 3) - The Rest (Buffy, Willow, Kennedy, Faith, Dawn, Andrew)
My [ profile] open_on_sunday drabbles (Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer) are here.

Mal/Book - The Special Hell (drabble)
Mal/River - Tranquillity
Mal/Simon - Combat Training
River - Touchstone
River/Jayne -
Blood Offering
Fall (drabble)
In the Moonlight (drabble)
Semantics (baby!fic - drabble)
We're Just Following Ancient History
The Song is Not the Same
My [ profile] firefly100 drabbles are found here.
Femslash drabbles for the [ profile] femslash100 Academia challenge are here.

Art/Raylan - Miami to Kentucky
Rachel - Target (drabble)

Hardison/Parker - Beauty & Planning (2 drabbles)
Parker - Bucket List (drabble)
Parker/Sophie -
Dressing Up (femmeslash)
Not So Innocent (drabble)
Risks (femmeslash, drabble)

Crews/Reese - In the Bag (drabble)
Crews/Reese/Tidwell - Rushing Headfirst into Dangerous Situations
Crews & Tidwell - Degrees (drabble)
Dani Reese -
Clean (drabble)
Ending (drabble)
Reese/Seever -
Quite Simple
Reese/Tidwell - Aftershocks (drabble)
Jane Seever - Perspective (drabble)

Mad Men
Don & Peggy - I See Myself in You & The Birth of Peggy Olson (2 drabbles)
Don/Pete - Loss
Ken/Pete - Drowning in a Sea of Blue and Gray (implied)
Lane Pryce - Brilliant
Peter Campbell - X's and O's
Pete/Trudy, Pete/Peggy - Stages of Comparison
Sally - The Picture of Sophistication (drabble)

My Own Worst Enemy
Angie - Poker Night for [ profile] 100_women
Edward/Raymond - Avenger and Boy Scout
Mavis - Life-Giving for [ profile] 100_women
Raymond/Mary - First Impressions

Alvarez/Groves - Backwards (for Oz Magi 2010)
Alvarez/Mukada/Torquemada - Temptation for Oz Magi 2006
Alvarez/O'Reily -
Hurt/Comfort (drabble)
Many, Many More than Three (drabble)
Size Matters (drabble)
Arif/Supreme Allah - The Taste of Sin
Tobias Beecher - Observable Incidents
B/K -
A Letter from Three Wives
None for the Road (drabble)
Old Habits
A Prison Thing
Turnaround (drabble)
The Twelve Days of Keller
Beecher/O'Reily - Lost
Bellinger -
The Mother of Death Row
Pictures (drabble)
Sacrifice or Salvation
Bellinger/Howell - Improvisation - written for [ profile] oz_magi
Bellinger/Keller - Conversation
Hill/Supreme Allah - Free Fall (for Oz Magi 2010)
Keller/Said - Paradise
McManus - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life - written for the Oz Free For All
McManus/Murphy -
Five Offers Sean Murphy Turned Down
Five Thanksgivings
Five Ways McManus and Murphy End Up in Bed Together
The Ghost of Unit B
The New Year's Eve Night Shift
Observations and Inappropriate Questions
Patterns (drabble)
Some Things Never Change for Oz Magi 2007
Tim McManus' Worst Nightmare
Sean Murphy & Gloria Nathan - Impressions
Murphy/Ryan O'Reily -
On Being Irish
Gloria Nathan/Diane Wittlesey - Playing Doctor
Ryan O'Reily - It Begins (drabble)
Ryan O'Reily/Gloria -
Restoration for Oz Free for All 2009
Truth or Dare (drabble)
Ryan O'Reily/Kirk -
Lights Out
Ryan O'Reily/Ortolani -
Day Six
Great Risks (Multi-Chapter WIP, link goes to Chapter 1)
Ten Microfics
Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night
Ryan O'Reily/Peter Schibetta -
Keep Your Friends Close (drabble)
Ryan O'Reily/various - Double Negatives Series (Prologue, Adebisi, McManus, B/K, Murphy, Alvarez)
Dino Ortolani/Peter Schibetta - Trial and Error (drabble)
Tricia Ross - Letter from California
Said -
5 Times Kareem Said Wishes He Wasn't a Muslim
5 Ways Kareem Said 'Should' Have Died
Peter Schibetta -
Five Ways Peter Schibetta Dealt With His Rape
From the Journal of P. Schibetta
Vern Schillinger(/Chris Keller) - Turnover
Wittlesey/McManus - Unconditional
Women of OZ - Que Sera, Sera series (Gloria, Claire, Diane, Sister Pete, Shirley)
Various OZ drabble tree entries are found here.
Drabbles written for the 2011 OZ Graffixation are found here.
My [ profile] hardtime100 drabbles are found here.

The Sopranos
Adriana - Hit (drabble)
Meadow -
Absence (drabble)
Pink (drabble)

3:10 to Yuma
Charlie/Ben - The Green-Eyed Monster

The Departed
Billy/Madolyn/Colin - Algebra in Your Sleep (threesome!fic)
Costigan/Dignam -
Anniversary (part of [ profile] revelininsanity's ROS verse)
The Attempt (part of [ profile] revelininsanity's ROS verse)
Five Times Dignam Showed Emotion (Other than Anger)
One Tear
The Phone
Seven Deadly Sins
Shakespeare (drabble)
Ten Yards(drabble)
Untitled Punishment Drabble
Costigan/French - Rewriting History (drabble)
Dignam - The Reference (drabble)
Madolyn - Five Things Madolyn Didn't Regret
Sullivan -
What They Didn't Know

Desert Hearts
Vivian Bell - Rain in the Desert (drabble, femmeslash)

The Godfather
Carmela (Mama) Corleone/Kay Adams Corleone - Our Business (femmeslash)
Connie Corleone Rizzi - Brotherly Love

Arthur/Eames - Reflections of the Past, Dreams of the Future

L.A. Confidential
Bud/Ed - Another Time, Another Life
Jack Vincennes - The Christmas Spirit

Now Voyager
Charlotte Vale - Like Mother, Like Daughter (drabble)

Oceans 11
Danny/Rusty - The Last Poker Lesson (drabble)

Thelma & Louise
Louise Sawyer - What They Didn't See (drabble)

Hockey RPF
Cassie Campbell/Angela Ruggiero - Victory in a Moment of Defeat (femslash)
Sidney Crosby/Ryan Miller - Escalation
Ilya Kovalchuk/Vladimir Tarasenko -
A Beginning
A Continuation
Reason Number Seventeen Why Geno Shouldn't Answer His Phone After Midnight (unrequited, cameo by Evgeni Malkin)
Russian Lullabies (implied, cameo by Evgeni Malkin)
Daniel & Henrik Sedin - You'll Always Have Me

AtS/BtVS -
Darla/Faith - Inescapable
Lindsey/Warren/Darla-bot - 10 Microfics
AtS/OZ - Doyle/O'Reily brothers - A Nudge in the Wrong Direction
BtVS/Firefly -
Anya Jenkins/Saffron - Of Velvet Elvises and Tiny Plastic Boats
Willow Rosenberg/Simon Tam - The Faintest Glimmer of Red
Firefly/OZ -
Derrial Book/Kareem Said - Faith
River Tam/Miguel Alvarez - Not So Solitary
River Tam/Ryan O'Reily - You Always Wanted to Travel
Firefly/The Departed - Mal/River/Billy & Book/Dignam/Costigan - History Repeating - 2 scenes(drabbles)
Life/The Departed -
Crews/Dignam - The Welcome Wagon
Crews/Reese & Costigan - Common Ground

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