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Been a somewhat productive period (especially if you like femmeslash) so I thought I'd let you know what I've written lately:

a little OZ, a little Leverage, a little more Angel, and a whole lot of Buffy )
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It can be done. The prompt for this week's [ profile] open_on_sunday was "cup", so that's where my mind went - 3 times.

These are AU, post "Not Fade Away", and Lindsey is still alive (because it's my AU). The first could take place at any time, the second could conceivably take place a few weeks ago and the last one is a few years into the future.

Drabbles are here )
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This is for [ profile] tl__dr's request of Lindsey/Angel - post-apocalyptic.

A/N: This veers slightly off-canon and is a wee bit dark. Hope you enjoy it!

A Guy Walks into a Bar )
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Part of my last prompt request post - Here's the request -

Doyle/Ryan O'Reily, not necessarily slashy (although never turned down!). O'Reily's gang is part of Doyle's shady past.

A Nudge in the Wrong Direction )
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[ profile] roguemarch requested several pairings and fandoms. I chose William/Angelus from "Angel"

The Fallen Winged One )

If you'd like to submit a prompt, go here.
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So this started with this drabble, originally written for [ profile] open_on_sunday. It takes place after the "Angel" episode "Dead End".

If Honey Had a Voice )

Ever since then, I've wanted to write something about the three of them taking a cross-country road trip, so I thought the microfic meme might be a fun way to get the ball rolling.

The Results of the Mircofic Meme - Lindsey/Warren/'Darla' edition )
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Fandom: Angel
Characters: Angel/Cordelia
Prompt: When was the last time you saw something like this...
For: [ profile] trillingstar
A/N: Set very early s2 (they're still working out of Cordelia's apartment). Brief cameos by Gunn and Wes. Please be advised of the fluff factor. Oh, and the word game they play is stolen from Minghella's "Truly, Madly, Deeply"

Perfectly )
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These were drabbles posted for [ profile] open_on_sunday, the Buffy/Angel community grouped by character/pairing/group (please note "/" does not necessarily denote romantic pairings)



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