Jan. 14th, 2012 12:02 am
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A wonderful writer has gifted me with an incredible Ryan O'Reily story for [ profile] oz_magi. It's a series of scenes going from childhood to just past Cyril's accident with many entertaining detours in between.

Check it out - In the Before
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It's late in the day but I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas (or a really nice Sunday). I am just glad today is for the most part over with - I love my family, but there are times when I just want to get away from them and that was pretty impossible to do this weekend.

Still working on Magi. I will have it in by the deadline. Absolutely - even if I have to sit at my desk and write porn fanfic Tuesday morning at work, I will have it done and in a shape that's acceptable to me.

Thank you [ profile] michele659 for the cookie on my profile page. It brightened my day seeing it and your note.

Cut in case anyone wants to avoid my little pity-party )

Sigh. Onto something better. I was given a Kindle for a Christmas present. Any recs on some really good, not depressing, not overly fluffy reads? Maybe some older stuff so I won't necessarily break the bank getting it.
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Apparently, miracles can still occur in politics - they passed the bill that had me potentially unemployed at the end of June, but they did it while striking the amendment that would have cut our funding - they still have to figure out where the money goes, but I'm a little more optimistic today than at this point last week.

I have managed to respond to all the visible comments on Graffixation, still need to comment on one more story and piece of artwork in the batch, but for the moment I am done - of course, as soon as any other comments are unscreened, I'll respond to anything else that's out there. It's been a wonderful experience and thank you again to everyone who took part.

Work has been rather horrid this past week. With the potential shutdown, people have been hyper-vigilant about tracking files and getting things through the system, but with four admin staff people, who do they keep coming for all their nonsense? Yours truly. I took a mental health day today to de-stress.

hockey stuff behind the cut )
Did some gardening the other day. I planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants so hopefully they'll produce some delicious results later this summer.

I also discovered a lovely coffee shop in the neighborhood - not a Starbucks, but one of those great little independent places that were kicking around all over the place in the 90s. I will definitely be going back, especially since they have the equivalent of a free book exchange in their back room, so between donating and acquiring, it'll be a good thing.
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Protector by [ profile] ellu_ellu - Jericho fic

and this twisted little branch on the Oz drabble tree by [ profile] nindevotee which you'll just have to read for yourselves -

You Think Those Rumors About Her Having A Puppet Fetish Are True?
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On the bus from hell, heading toward heaven for me a.k.a Chicago. We were expected into Chi-town at 1:30 but developed some air pressure issues (no pressure, no brakes - which I'm told are somewhat important). The climate in here was upwards of 80, with the heat still pumping - we weren't allowed to open the emergency windows to let in cool air, and then as soon as the bus got rolling again it got down to 40. Not fun.

But we're heading to Chicago and right now that's all that matters.

There is a wonderful prompt over at [ profile] hardtime100 that is basically a request for Pre-Oz moments. I've been having fun with it, and I think that other people would too. End PSA.

Looking forward to the Magi reveals - I think I've figured out four stories (not including my own) and two art pieces, but I have no idea who fulfilled my wish at this point. And I want to run a rec list and give credit where credit is due.
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I find myself with many, many different ideas of things that I would love to see the OZ fandom take on. Comment fic-athon featuring minor characters, something exclusively about the staff, something AU based (my mind is more centered on pre- and post-series stuff rather than Keller and Beecher fighting dragons). I don't know if any of these would get a response.

Non-fandom related work stuff )

Been trying to get organized with tracking my what I write. I managed to get all the fics that I was missing from last year onto my list, so that's good.

I'm really loving Magi this year. The diversity is great. I've enjoyed the three McManus fics that I've read, the artwork and one vid that I've looked at, Miguel Alvarez and Ryan O'Reily who are all over the place, and I really love the Schibetta fic that was written for me (it's definitely a different look at Peter than I've seen before, but not out of character.)

"Justified" should be "on demand" fairly soon. I'm looking forward to rewatching Season 1 - either there or on DVD and then jumping into Season 2.

As for my beloved Blackhawks, well... at least they won tonight.


Dec. 19th, 2010 10:06 pm
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Sometimes it never hurts to remind myself how fricking awesome OZ is. Seriously.

I started watching some of the episodes from the first season and - wow. I just want to keep going, even though I probably should jump into bed and get some sleep.

Those McManus-Said and Said-Adebisi scenes really are something and watching Beecher go into full-on crazy mode is definitely one of my favorite things about Season One (and S3 as well).

Enough squeeing... on to Season 2.
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In a little over 11 hours, I will be headed to Chicago for a couple days of R&R. I really don't know why I don't do this more often, because after four months of being around my family, I need a break.

NaNo is going all right. I haven't written today, but I'm up to 17K words so far.

I have a thing for ritual and the annual selecting of [ profile] oz_magi prompts is one of them. Sit there with the list and an ink pen drawing little arrows to the prompts that I like and think I can write. It's fun being able to take part every year although by December 15 (mark your calendars, folks), I will probably be going through the annual ritual of "What the heck am I going to write for Magi?"

Work is a little bit iffy right now, and I'm glad to be leaving it for a couple of days. They are going to be combining two departments in one space - not sure when it's going to happen and they really haven't where we admin temps are going to fit into the whole scheme of things. Although one flow chart did seem to list the title of Customer Service Support Manager for essentially what I have been doing for the past year. No word yet on if I'll be collecting a manager's salary soon, but it's highly unlikely.

The Blues (local hockey team) are playing extremely well, as are the L.A. Kings. Not so much my beloved Blackhawks, but there's still a lot of season left. (Although if they don't win when I'm at the game on Wednesday, I'll be supremely peeved.
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I skipped about 50 messages to find that, yes, indeed, OZ Magi is open for the year. You can find the instructions here.

Right now, I'm so exhausted that I can hardly think of an idea for it. I fought with a bout of stomach flu/food poisoning all day yesterday and haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning. It's not that I'm feeling particularly hungry, but I also didn't sleep well all night so I'm ridiculously tired right now.

And if I wasn't in a stupid, stubborn "must start my NaNo novel at midnight" mood, I probably would do that.
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Been a somewhat productive period (especially if you like femmeslash) so I thought I'd let you know what I've written lately:

a little OZ, a little Leverage, a little more Angel, and a whole lot of Buffy )


Apr. 7th, 2010 07:29 pm
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Assorted rambling )
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With all of the hoopla of being caught up in NaNo, it completely slipped my mind that [ profile] oz_magi wishes would be available for claiming today, so I was happily surprised to see the list go up. In the past, it's been one of those days where I've been obsessively refreshing my friends page to see when the wishes go "live". Oz Magi is one of those things that is near and dear to my heart because that's where I started reading fanfic and what got me into LJ and more into Oz in the first place. It's fun to see those odd requests that pop up every year and discover which requests are going to make me squeal like a kid in a candy shop (there's always one) and which ones I'm going to look forward to reading come January 1st. There's a lot of good stuff on the list, so fellow Oz-zites should go and get to claiming.

By the way, my NaNo count is over 7000. I'm trying to overwrite it now because I have the feeling that either a) I'm going to slow down considerably in the next 27 days or b) I'm going to have to edit the hell out of the puppy by the time December 1 rolls around. Actually, choice "b" is pretty much a given at this point. And I love my male lead so much that I'm getting disgusted with my female lead for causing him angst (even though things will turn around at some point).
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My beloved Blackhawks are doing quite well, thank you. They're averaging 34 shots a game which makes me so very happy (and keeps me from having to yell at them). The Kings are doing pretty well too. And Detroit has fewer points than Atlanta (this may be the only time this season that it happens, but it's worth noting.)

[ profile] oz_magi is rolling for another year! So be sure to make your wish requests this week. I already know what one of mine will be, I still have to think of the other - I'm sure that mine will be pretty obvious. I can't help that I like what I like, weird as it is.

NaNo is approaching very quickly. I've got my main idea and I'm ready to start writing on it. I went to the local kick-off party last weekend and met some of the local participants - a couple of the girls at my table had written fanfic so we were talking about fandoms and such. They all seem pretty nice and it was fun just getting to talk with writers for a while.

So my question is related to my NaNo project. There's a GLBT church that's pretty much the center of most of the action (since my main female character preaches at it) - I can't figure out what to call it (MCC, Dignity, and Integrity are out of the question, as is anything that currently makes its home in Los Angeles, where the story is set. If it helps, the story is a romance between the lesbian preacher and a straight man and if the name of the church plays into that in some way, that's nice too. So, any suggestions from my flist?
ETA: Got it. Thanks, everybody!
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And then I discover something like this browsing through the [ profile] hardtime100 tags. Read at your own discretion, there's some really twisted stuff here (also, some hilariously funny stuff, but it may just be my sense of humor.)

For anybody interested in a little BtVS genderswitch fic, there's the beginning of one called When Xander Harris Was a Girl written by [ profile] nothorse for the [ profile] spring_with_xan community. It's very well written and all the characters are quite well done.

I don't do nearly enough recs.
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First best bit of news in months - I have an option with a friend of mine that will allow me to stay here in L.A. if I have to move out of my apartment. I'd prefer not to move, but staying here is definitely preferable to living with my parents.

Did the church thing yesterday. Haven't been in a few weeks so it was nice to get together with friends for a while. We did a Day of the Dead celebration - it was nice.

Spent today with a couple friends for our bi-monthly cheese fest. We sampled seven different cheeses and rated them according to taste. One of them was removed from the table instantly - none of us could stand it - but for the most part it was a pretty good time. (And since I didn't have to pay, it was a pretty great time for me).

I put in my choices for a very B/K heavy OZ Magi. Not that that's a bad thing - I know that's what got most people into the fandom, but it's really not my thing. Which reminds me - after I'm done with the prompts then I'm jumping back into Great Risks. It's Cyril-rific, this next chapter.

My beloved Blackhawks won last night. Huet stopped 48 shots and JT scored the game-winner in the shootout. He's technically 3 of 3 in all shootout attempts, but the NHL does not count them as goals. I could understand if the goal wasn't the game-winner, but if it's going to count in the scorebook, then it should count as a goal. I blame Bettman. And the Hawks got a weird penalty for "Abusive Language", I'd say what I thought of that, but it'd be classified as "abusive language". ETA: By the way, I'll save the abusive language for the schedule makers. We play Monday and then NOTHING until Sunday? No one needs that much rest. This isn't football.
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Fandom: Oz/Firefly
Character/Pairing: Said, Book
Prompt: introduction, messenger
A/N: I don't know how on target I am with the prompt, but this is what came up

Faith )
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Happy Halloween everybody!

It's been an okay day. I got a call in response to something that I applied for yesterday - it's a non-profit job at a school through an agency. I had a pretty good conversation with the guy running the agency (I didn't ramble this time - go, me!). He e-mailed me the real application - 8 pages - jeez. I'll have to do some pre-writing before filling it out. They want to know about every job I've ever had. I may have to go back to my days in retail for this one. No other calls, so no assignments for next week yet.

I decided to use my last movie pass and went to see "Zack & Miri Make a Porno". It had some funny bits, but mostly was just sweet. Well, a Kevin Smith version of sweet. You get what you normally get with him. Saw a preview for "Fanboys" which will definitely be on the must-see list.

Crap. Seabs doesn't seem to be well out there. As in injured unwell. Hopefully they're exaggerating. More on that in the next post.

I put in my [ profile] oz_magi wish finally. I actually like it, and yes, everyone who knows me and my tastes should know which one is mine when the wishes are posted. I need to work on my BtVS/Firefly crossover. It's not due until December, but I'd rather get that finished and then move into whatever Oz Magi story I'm assigned.
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There's still a few days (through April 7) to submit a prompt to the Shivs and Shanks ficathon that [ profile] ozsaur is running over at [ profile] oz_wishing_well. If you've got something that you've always wanted someone to write for you or something you've always wanted to write but needed motivation, then submit it already! The details are here. And if you're not a writer, but more of a graphics type, they are accepting prompts for art as well.

Got a pairing you love - submit it...

Got a character that nobody ever writes about - submit it...

Believe there will never be enough B/K to satisfy you - submit, submit, submit. Hmmm... B/K - submit (there's a prompt right there for any one of you to take)

The more prompts, the more variety, the more new writing/art that will be produced.

So get over to the Shivs and Shanks ficathon and prompt away!

Here endeth this public service announcement.
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My first thought on waking up this morning wasn't on Easter. It was on the fact that at the end of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" everybody who survived is on a bus heading out of Sunnydale. Which made me think of "OZ" and the way it ended. And then it was a quick sidestep to temporal folds or hijacking detours (or some combination of the two) which would make the idea of Rupert Giles & Tim McManus meeting at a rest stop later on somewhat possible.

I wrote my very first BtVS drabble today. (It's here) I'm quite proud of it - I never would have expected to have written for Wesley, at all. It does smack of some OZ S4 McManus - if you've ever read any of my drabbles on the pre-return to EmCity, you'll recognize the emotions.

Went to a nice Easter Vigil service last night. It was quite long - we did 7 readings and all of the rituals involved. Even though we have a small community, it is always very well done.

There are a few more people coming to the shower next weekend. It'll be nice. I was informed today that I still need to send out one more invitation. I'm glad I didn't throw the last of the envelopes away.

Listened to the Hawks-Blues game today. My beloved Blackhawks won. My dad is taking the hard line that he's going to root for the Blues when we go to the game next Saturday (yes, it - and I - will be in St. Louis, but that's really not the point). He knows where my loyalties lie, but I guess this means, I won't go and wear the full red and black ensemble on Saturday, but next Sunday I may.

It's nice to have a few hours before I have to start thinking about work. Only 4 days this week! Hoo-ray!
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It's Wednesday night and NBC has decided to run an extra hour of their magic show instead of the next episode of "Bionic Woman". I'm not bitter. Really. At least I have a new epi of "Life" to look forward to.

Pretty much a wasted day at work. I spent most of it tracking down service statuses for our clients. I hate that. I hate anything that involves making phone calls (or making numerous phone calls. It's gotten ridiculous. I can't get the things I need to get done in order to keep them from calling me because THEY KEEP CALLING ME. Color me annoyed. On a positive note, we'll be interviewing candidates to help out in the office in the next week or so. There are some promising people, but a lot of them were weeded out before the process began. (Random question - has anyone here ever used the word "thrice" in a resume?)

Hawks won tonight but the radio broadcast was all wonky so I turned it off when they went down 4-3. Maybe there will be less interference when I try to listen to it tomorrow.

Haven't mentioned it, but I'm happy with the [ profile] oz_magi requests this year. There's one that I really want to do. We'll see how it turns out. It's nice that notifications come out right before I go on vacation.

Good luck to all those participating in NaNo!


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