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Feb. 2nd, 2011 06:28 pm
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Spent the last couple of days at home due to the nasty (ice, snow, cold) weather. Work was actually cancelled yesterday and since they were shortening the day today and presumably not sending anyone out, it seemed a little silly to have to be there.

Haven't written anything recently, but I'm thinking of doing a few drabbles for the [ profile] halfamoon community. Things based on female characters, more in fitting with canon. Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you, [ profile] michele659 for the very cute puppy, who will keep me thinking warm thoughts until spring training gets here!

Still making my way through the DVD of the first season of "Justified". Have to finish the last two episodes by next Wednesday's season 2 premiere. I'm looking forward to it.
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I find myself with many, many different ideas of things that I would love to see the OZ fandom take on. Comment fic-athon featuring minor characters, something exclusively about the staff, something AU based (my mind is more centered on pre- and post-series stuff rather than Keller and Beecher fighting dragons). I don't know if any of these would get a response.

Non-fandom related work stuff )

Been trying to get organized with tracking my what I write. I managed to get all the fics that I was missing from last year onto my list, so that's good.

I'm really loving Magi this year. The diversity is great. I've enjoyed the three McManus fics that I've read, the artwork and one vid that I've looked at, Miguel Alvarez and Ryan O'Reily who are all over the place, and I really love the Schibetta fic that was written for me (it's definitely a different look at Peter than I've seen before, but not out of character.)

"Justified" should be "on demand" fairly soon. I'm looking forward to rewatching Season 1 - either there or on DVD and then jumping into Season 2.

As for my beloved Blackhawks, well... at least they won tonight.


Dec. 19th, 2010 10:06 pm
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Sometimes it never hurts to remind myself how fricking awesome OZ is. Seriously.

I started watching some of the episodes from the first season and - wow. I just want to keep going, even though I probably should jump into bed and get some sleep.

Those McManus-Said and Said-Adebisi scenes really are something and watching Beecher go into full-on crazy mode is definitely one of my favorite things about Season One (and S3 as well).

Enough squeeing... on to Season 2.
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24K+ done on the NaNo project. Feeling okay about it right now, but I don't know how much plot I'm going to have after the next big plot point (major 3rd act issues, folks).

Loved the Mad Men finale last night and now I want spoilers ahead )

There's another Oz-centric thing I have in mind too, but I don't want to say anything just in case I don't get to it.

Man, I hope Jonathan Toews gets healthy soon because the Blackhawks are lost without him.
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Rachel Maddow did a spot about the Chinese nuclear sub fleet on her show this week. Rachel Maddow talking about submarines. Jeez. The only thing better would be if she'd be the commentator on one of the Blackhawks playoff games (particularly one on television).

I was up until 1AM working on my BtVS fic for [ profile] lgbtfest and then was awake to edit it at 6:15 this morning. I'm a wee bit sleepy now.

[ profile] trillingstar has written an incredible McManus/Murphy story for me. If you haven't had a chance to look at it yet, it's here.

Went to the Cards-Cubs game today. I hate it when bad pitching combines with bad managing. They all but gave up the game in the second inning when they left the pitcher in. It should be like hockey - give up 4 points and you're outta there.

On that note, I fully expect Keenan to pull his goalie at the 10:00 mark of the 3rd if Calgary is behind by a goal. That's my kind of coach. Unfortunately, I will be unable to follow the game since WGN-Radio is in bed with the Cubs (so the Hawks get shoved to a station which doesn't reach St. Louis) and Versus does not believe that teams exist between either coast (with the exception of Detroit) & has booked Anaheim/San Jose (which actually has been a very entertaining series - I'm not that bitter about having to watch it). I hope my beloved Blackhawks clinch anyway, because I'd rather have four more games assured than the possibility of one and out.

A few interesting gems from [ profile] lgbtfest for those interested:

The Princess & The Shadow by [ profile] bitterfig - Batwoman fic!

Making Your Bed in the Prison of your Mind by [ profile] merle_p - Leverage - Nate/Eliot

To Have & To Hold by [ profile] helenkacan - Boston Legal - Denny/Alan

Signing off now. Going to veg for a while before heading to bed.
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Big thanks to my f-listers who prompted me and have given me plenty to write on! I am working on them and will be posting as I can within the next day or so.

Today was my last day at the temp job. I outlasted all of the other temps, but the powers that be decided that they could handle the rest in-house, so I'm out. My supervisor on the project told the temp place some nice things about me and I now can use her as a local reference, so it's all to the good.

I just hate the process of looking for another job and waiting to get a phone call.

On the plus side, this gives me plenty of time to work on the jillion or so writing projects that I've committed to.

And I get to paint this weekend! Whoo hoo!

A completely random and separate note - apparently Chicago Blackhawks radio is way behind real time because I checked the game summary for tonight and the most recent goal was posted quite a bit before I actually heard it from the broadcasters (at first, I thought it might have been a highlight they were replaying, but it was the actual goal - weird.)

I'm a little bummed that I'm missing the movie/pilot episode of "Kings" on Sunday. Let me just say, Jack/David slash is not too far off. I just hope they chose the less subtle biblical translation. Fun stuff.

I saw "Castle" and it was okay. I don't think Nathan Fillion is meant to be still. He doesn't seem very comfortable, and if anybody else has seen it a question )

What the heck is "Pingback"? Do I need this?
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It's been a better couple of days. I took my typing test with the court yesterday - needed to type 30 wpm, I typed 58wpm, so now it's just waiting another week or two and see if anybody calls me in. I think they were testing about 100 people yesterday, so it's still a pretty big pool of people to compete with.

Then I got a letter today from the County to have me come in and take a test for them. It's scheduled for the Friday before Thanksgiving.

I wasn't particularly thrilled about the Phillies winning the World Series, but there's usually something about the celebrations afterwards that makes me smile. I liked the way that FOX showed it, focusing on each player's reaction as the final out was made. It was pretty cool. Unless you're a Rays fan, but really if you were a Rays fan sitting through that you had to be a masochist.

I didn't mention this but Monday's "My Own Worst Enemy" was awesome. They aren't showing it next week - I guess they might be running election specials or something - it's a shame too, because this was a week that I actually could have watched it. People, use the time to catch up. And have a look at "Life" too. It's moving back to Wednesday, which is nice.

Tomorrow, I'm getting called for a job and JT is going to get his first goal. It's going to happen.
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I really don't know Brian Campbell from Adam, but anybody who uses the phrase "we can win right now" is welcome on my team.

Pity to see Rene Bourque go, but it was a move that made sense.

They'd better hold on to Jason Williams though. That's all I'm saying.

Two more months until training camp starts. (And actually there's a prospects camp sometime next week.)

In other news - got nothing done at work today. Nothing. I was in training mode for most of the day. Fun stuff.

Watched a particularly disturbing episode of "Angel" this morning. Scott William Winters was in it. (Boxing-centric, naturally, but SWW wasn't one of the fighters, amazingly enough - maybe that's why it was disturbing)

I'm trying to work on the next part of Great Risks but it's being rather evasive right now - it was much easier when Dino and Ryan were trying to kill each other. I'll have to re-read what I've done and maybe some ideas will come from there.
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- Strangest thing uttered in my apartment today - (Listening to the Preds-Wings from the bathroom, hopeful) - Did Detroit score? Yes, believe it or not, I'm rooting for the hated Wings (who may resume their status when the series is over). BTW, the hated Wings just scored. (And I said "yay", followed by a quick "I hate you so much") Honestly, I have visions in my head of Gary Bettman saying "Isn't it wonderful that the Cup has a home in Tennessee?" (echoes of last year, if you were wondering). So yeah, no Nashville. Ever. And it's not because I'm bitter. Really.

- BTW, the first thing I saw when I turned over to the game was the promo for this week's SVU. WTF? They put Liv(?!) in the orange jumpsuit? When Meloni's right there and they could have the whole Keller thing going? It's just wrong. I also now have a hankering for some "Stabler goes undercover in Oz" fics so if anybody feels like giving a rec or two, it wouldn't go unappreciated.

- I'd go see a movie, but there's nothing out there that I really want to take the time and money to see.

- I'm still working on my BtVS fic for [ profile] lgbtfest. I hope it's good. I'm trying to not make it sound like an afterschool special, but still convey the relevant information and be entertaining.

- Still haven't done my taxes. But at least I got the form started, so that's something.
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Listening to the Hawks-Coyotes now. Bummed that the Blues lost to Nashville, but that's how it goes. I really love our division (although points-wise, I'd wish we'd switch with the West so that our teams could be in contention for the playoffs) because you can be in second place one week and last the next (still waiting for the vice-versa, by the way). Still haven't decided whether or not I'll go to the Kings game Tuesday. Guess it'll depend on how work goes and how high my pain tolerance is (they're playing Detroit again).

I'm a little peeved at Netflix because even though I sent in three vids Wednesday, which they got Thursday, I still haven't received the next three. I was looking a little forward to seeing the rest of "Big Love" over the three-day weekend. No such luck.

I went to see "There Will Be Blood" today. It was quite good. This pretty much echoes what everyone else has been saying but Daniel Day-Lewis inhabits his character. It's one of those performances that doesn't seem like a performance. Paul Dano is just wonderful, and I'm still uncertain if he's really playing twins or if he's just a guy suffering from a split-personality. But everytime that he's on screen, it's really amazing. And the scene at the end is incredible (I'm not going to say anything beyond that). BTW, despite the lack of women in the film, I don't think it's all that slash-worthy, just in case anyone was wondering. And I haven't mentioned it, but Paul Thomas Anderson still hasn't lost his touch as a writer-director.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a double-feature of "The Savages" and "No Country for Old Men". I'm looking forward to it. Noms come out on Tuesday and I want to see as much as I can before then. If anybody has seen "Atonement", can you let me know if it's worthwhile? (I still have a little residual McAvoy-resistance since "Becoming Jane") It's right up there with Red Wings-Kings on my list of things that I should see, but would rather avoid.
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Saw "Juno" today. It was quite enjoyable. J.K. Simmons did wonderful work (as usual) in the role of Juno's father.

The last movie I saw (that I didn't mention yet) was "I'm Not There" - Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan film. It was as strange as can be imagined when six different actors are playing seven different aspects of the singer's personality and phases of his life. It was very well done though.

Have a fairly busy weekend ahead - I need to go get my hair chopped off tomorrow (it's starting to look a little too shaggy for my liking) and then out to do a bit more Christmas shopping. I also have to find time to finish up my Oz Magi story (it's going well, but there's still more to write - and I may wind up editing a bit when all is said and done, but it's all got to be finished and e-mailed before I leave on Friday morning.) I've also decided to write a little Christmas story for my firefly fandom, so that needs to be done as well. And I may sneak out to see another movie along the way - I really want to find a theater that's showing "Starting Out in the Evening". I love Frank Langella. Either that or "The Savages". I have a feeling that my sister is going to drag me to "Atonement" (okay, I told her she could drag me to "Atonement") and that'll be the second McAvoy movie we've seen this year ("Becoming Jane" was the first - YAWN!) But "Sweeney Todd" may be on the agenda and my dad's probably wanting to go see "Charlie Wilson's War".

I really haven't analyzed the Golden Globe announcements too much. I was a little disappointed that "Life" didn't get a nom (and even more so that the Writers' Guild of America didn't nominate it for Best New Series, Best Drama, or anything in an Episodic Drama category). I also thought that Ben Foster and 3:10 to Yuma should have been noticed more, but Westerns are pretty much American stories, and not necessarily going to be paid much attention to on the international stage. I will say that both Holly Hunter and Glenn Close being nominated in the same category (Lead Actress in a TV Series - Drama) makes me hope for a tie. And yay! for those couple of nominations that "Eastern Promises" received - it probably won't win, but that's one movie that I wish I'd seen a second time in the theaters.

My Hawks hit a bit of a downslide, but managed to right themselves, and hopefully now will start to move up to their rightful (2nd) place in the standings again (They're currently in 4th - I don't like to think about it).

I could talk some about the Mitchell report, but who's really going to be shocked to learn that a man over 40, who can consistently throw pitches up to 90mph, is on steroids. That's a news flash. I think with all the shock over Clemens, everybody seems to have forgotten about Bonds. I have a feeling that eventually the fit's going to hit the shan in the football world as well, and it ain't going to be pretty.

I really can't believe that in a week, I'll be back in St. Louis again. I'm looking forward to it.
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I know I tend to ramble on and on about my beloved Blackhawks and at times I come out sounding like someone who is half my age (okay, maybe a third my age), but looking at the lineup for this evening when all but one of my guys (come back soon, Rene) was healthy, I've got to say that my team is friggin' AWESOME! That is all. By the way, they won tonight and are tied for second in points with St. Louis.

I am plugging away at the next part of "Great Risks". This is a fairly hard chapter to write because this is the one that's going to lead us down the garden path to canon. So I'm pressuring myself to get it to the point where I am satisfied with it (hence, the overlong break). It's really no surprise where it's going, but the point is the journey and all the fun (and pain and angst) along the way.

Maintenance played in my apartment today. They took the chain lock off the front door, which I don't like, patched up some of the chipped paint spots in the kitchen (it could use a real paint job now), installed a light fixture in the kitchen (which I do like) and a new filter in the hood over the stove. And best of all, the kitchen cabinets finally shut (I had tried to fix them myself when I was working in there once, and just lost patience with it). So it's good.

Thanksgiving was nice. It was fun seeing the family. My sister is a big LOTR fan, so my niece was on her all weekend about the new baby, who my mom (and now my niece) have deemed "baby Frodo". I think my sister wanted to kill us for putting the idea in my niece's head, because Frodo was one of those names that she had to say in the silliest way possible. (Probably the way that Gollum would say it, but with a little more bass, if that gives you an indication). It was funny.

Looking forward to settling in and watching "Bionic Woman" and "Life" tonight. I was glad to see that "Life" got picked up for a full season (once the writers get back to work). I think "Bionic" would do a lot better if there was more Sarah in it - having her on every three weeks or so is a bad move - they should be using story arcs at least. Here it is sweeps time and I had two weeks of Jaime and some guy (?!) There's something very wrong there.
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It's Wednesday night and NBC has decided to run an extra hour of their magic show instead of the next episode of "Bionic Woman". I'm not bitter. Really. At least I have a new epi of "Life" to look forward to.

Pretty much a wasted day at work. I spent most of it tracking down service statuses for our clients. I hate that. I hate anything that involves making phone calls (or making numerous phone calls. It's gotten ridiculous. I can't get the things I need to get done in order to keep them from calling me because THEY KEEP CALLING ME. Color me annoyed. On a positive note, we'll be interviewing candidates to help out in the office in the next week or so. There are some promising people, but a lot of them were weeded out before the process began. (Random question - has anyone here ever used the word "thrice" in a resume?)

Hawks won tonight but the radio broadcast was all wonky so I turned it off when they went down 4-3. Maybe there will be less interference when I try to listen to it tomorrow.

Haven't mentioned it, but I'm happy with the [ profile] oz_magi requests this year. There's one that I really want to do. We'll see how it turns out. It's nice that notifications come out right before I go on vacation.

Good luck to all those participating in NaNo!
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Went to the Detroit-Kings game tonight. Apparently (and this is putting it very politely, the Kings defense decided not to show up this evening. I was sitting in the middle of Wings fan central (not a fun place to be). A question - do Red Wings fans drink so heavily because they are Red Wings fans or are Red Wings fans Red Wings fans because they drink heavily? It was getting up and down the first and last five minutes of every period that sorta annoyed me. I did have some Hawks fan sitting behind me, so we were pulling for the Kings together. Man, were they sad-looking though. Good things - Bernier played fairly well, considering the fact that he got no protection and Detroit dominated the play for the better of 3 periods, Cammalleri tried to do it alone once again, and Zeiler had a solid hit on one of the Wings players. (You may not think hits are that important in a finesse game like hockey, but the Kings were treating Detroit like they were baby kittens out there. Sickening.) I did really enjoy being at the game. I keep thinking "next year I should get more games" and will probably get at least one extra (Chicago) game this season.

Had a pretty good weekend. Watched the final four episodes of Season One of "Big Love". The ending was so sad. And the stuff with Alby was pretty fun. Alby is one of my favorite characters on that show. One of these days, I may do something demented like writing Alby-Lois fic, but it's a long way off. They actually have quite a bit in common.

Listening to the soothing sounds of last night's Stars/Blackhawks game. It's not going to get really good until there is 1.5 seconds left in the game, but that'll be something worth hearing. My dad actually reminded me of it, and after the debacle that was Kings hockey, I needed a little bit of cheeriness to bring me up.

I've signed up for a challenge to do 10 hurt/comfort fics for McManus/Murphy. So the dynamic duo will be back in my LJ fairly soon. And don't worry, I'll be bringing Dino back from Florida in one piece. (Otherwise it wouldn't be canon). Of course, I could go AU, have him buy a boat, have Ryan join him down there, and let the two of them sail off into the sunset. And post-accident Cyril could battle Petey for the drug trade.

Have I mentioned today how much I love the Chicago Blackhawks? 40 shots on goal. 2 wins against Detroit. Winning at home. 2 come from behind victories in a row (that's kind of a mixed stat, because I'd rather have them go up early and not have to worry). It's very very good.

4 AM

Oct. 11th, 2007 03:52 am
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I should not be awake at this hour. I've been unable to relax enough to go back to sleep since I woke up at 2:30. I keep thinking about work - never a good thing. The boss is out of town and I'm busy making decisions that may or may not be good ones, I have a pile of work on my desk that's stacking up at an alarming rate, staff members are not moving at a pace that I'd like, I put in almost 12 hours yesterday and still feel like I didn't get a damn thing done, I've got papers covering every conceivable surface of my office. And to top it all off, I'm PMS-ing. Nice, eh?

Random TV stuff - I hope just because Kristen Chenoweth can sing, they don't have her sing in every episode of "Pushing Daisies" - squeaky soprano voices just don't cut it with me. "Bionic Woman" was fun - all about Sarah this week and Jaime was less annoying than usual. The "we should form a union" line slayed me. "Life" was pretty good - the procedural end wasn't as interesting, but Crews got to pull a knife on a guy, so that was fun, and there was more Ted this time around, which I liked.

Hockey-wise, at least the Blues won. Jonathan Toews scored in his first game for the Hawks(on his first shot even) which made me happy. But only 16 other shots on the Hawks side, which didn't. The Wings are still winning (yuck), and the Kings didn't seem to show up for the game last night. It was pretty sad.

Going to try the bed thing again. Maybe I can squeeze in another hour and a half before running out the door to start my day.
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I'm really trying not to pay too much attention to the Cubs score. It makes me sad. There was an excellent article on's Page 2 that explained the benefits of the Cubs not winning the World Series. It made a lot of sense. But still... I'm a horribly selfish person and want my team to win NOW.

Hawks started tonight. I forgot how exciting it was when they were actually broadcasting "real" games - the exhibition broadcasts were comparably subdued. (Brief aside, the Coyotes just scored against the Blues). The game ended in a 1-0 loss, but there were a lot of good things - Nik played very well in goal, the team got over 25 shots and had a lot of good scoring chances, stupid penalties seemed to have been kept to a minimum. One scary thing - Havlat may be hurt again. That would suck. And Toews still isn't back yet.

Wednesday night television just got better. I managed to catch an early 30 seconds of "Pushing Daisies" that turned into a full 45 minutes of watching the remainder of the show. I think I've developed a bit of affection for voice-over narration. "Bionic Woman" was okay, but there was too much Jaime and I kept expecting Will to be shown in his secret hiding place during some point of the episode.

Yes, I do know that Jaime Sommers is the heroine of the show, but Sarah Corvus *points to icon* is my girl. Next week promises to have more Sarah, so I'm happy.

And I am still crazy about "Life". Can anybody tell me if the gal who played Olivia is the same gal who played Saffron on "Firefly"? I kept having a feeling that she was going to hurt Ted, but my television gets somewhat imperfect reception on NBC, so I wasn't sure it was the same actress.

Cubs update - still 4-2. Yuck.

"Michael Clayton" opens tomorrow. Not sure if I'll see that or if I'll see "Eastern Promises" again. Or if I'll stay home and work on some fanfic.

I'd love to read a bit of McManus/Murphy Oz!fic. That would make me really happy. Been in a bit of a funk lately (most of it work-related). The three-day-weekend and the bosses' vacation ought to help ease that a bit (I hope).
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Well, it looks like Wednesday is going to be my night for television. Caught the second epi of "Back to You" and laughed my butt off. It seems to be pure silliness. Then it was a half hour of downtime before my most-anticipated show of the season "Bionic Woman". Yes, there is only one "The Bionic Woman" and that's Lindsay Wagner, but the show tonight was better than expected. I haven't exactly been won over by the new Jamie Somers just yet, but there are a lot of things that I liked. Both the characters of Sarah Corvus (the first bionic woman) and Will's father (who's name I didn't quite get) bear some watching. And the girlfight on the roof in the rain. Loved it. Top it all off with a little bit of Miguel Ferrer and it is definitely a show I'll be watching.

After that I watched "Life". I wasn't planning on it, but I read the review in the paper today and it is a rather interesting little show. It definitely had some different approaches to prison life since the point of view is of someone who has gotten out.

I have also fallen in love with "Big Love". I've been watching Season One on DVD and love it. I love the opening credit sequence, but I haven't figured out if it's because it's very cleverly done or I secretly want to have three good looking women ice-skating around me. I keep having scary parallels to the work situation, but that might just be because there's only three women in the office.

On a non-related to anything television note, I got my Kings tickets yesterday. 10 days until the season starts.


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