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I had so much fun with the last round of [community profile] trope_bingo that I had to go again. Here's what I drew.

au: supernatural snowed in in vino veritas / drunkfic bodyswap holidayfic
rites of passage / coming of age curtainfic au: college / highschool au: other against all odds
transformations forbidden fruit FREE

huddle for warmth meet the parents / family
handcuffed / bound together unrequited love / pining deathfic au: historical food porn
au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal trapped in a dream time travel road trip power dynamics
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At [personal profile] ozsaur's recommendation, I signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo. Here's my card.

mistletoe kiss locked in bodyswap rivals to lovers au: neighbors
au: all-human truth or dare wingfic au: space in vino veritas / drunkfic
time travel au: cop / detective FREE

telepathy / mindmeld animal transformation
celebratory kiss fuck or die curtainfic au: circus mind control
fake relationship forced to marry handcuffed / bound together snowed in sex pollen
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It's late in the day but I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas (or a really nice Sunday). I am just glad today is for the most part over with - I love my family, but there are times when I just want to get away from them and that was pretty impossible to do this weekend.

Still working on Magi. I will have it in by the deadline. Absolutely - even if I have to sit at my desk and write porn fanfic Tuesday morning at work, I will have it done and in a shape that's acceptable to me.

Thank you [ profile] michele659 for the cookie on my profile page. It brightened my day seeing it and your note.

Cut in case anyone wants to avoid my little pity-party )

Sigh. Onto something better. I was given a Kindle for a Christmas present. Any recs on some really good, not depressing, not overly fluffy reads? Maybe some older stuff so I won't necessarily break the bank getting it.


Nov. 30th, 2011 12:08 pm
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Finished my NaNo story. It came through at 50900 or 51045 (depending on whose word count I use) and I feel okay about it.

I'm going to hit the library today, picking up a book for the first time in ages, and then I'll probably start on my Magi project soon (while the creative juices are still flowing!)
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An 1800 word sex scene involving dom/sub relationships & cross-dressing?

You people have really influenced my writing.

My word count & I thank you very much.
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Just thought I'd drop a quick 'hello' to my f-list before I'm pulled under the depths of NaNo. The briefest of updates:

Happy about the Cardinals winning the World Series.
Still employed.
Thrilled about the request I'm writing for Oz Magi.
7K words into my novel and I want to get another 1000 at least by the end of the night.
Looking forward to seeing my beloved Blackhawks in St Louis next week.

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Had today off from work. And tomorrow as well. I know it's coming close to the end of my job, but still I really enjoy being away from that place.

Went to see "Bad Teacher" with my dad. It had some funny moments and stayed pretty consistent in terms of character throughout which made me happy. (Has nothing on X-Men: First Class though). And the Timberlake was charming.

Something that made me giggle from - 5 Things That Are Totally Unrelated to Hot, Hot Lesbian Sex

So I need a kick in the ass to get me writing something. So prompt me. You know the drill. Fandoms - OZ, Buffy, Justified, Life, Mad Men (if it's listed in a tag, it's probably fair game, but those are the fandoms I'm most willing to write about at the moment.)
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Been a while since I really posted something over here and I didn't want people to start thinking that I'd fallen in, so here I am.

The job is coming to a swift conclusion. We've got less than 9 months and then we're out of there, unless it happens sooner and considering they laid off 9 temps last week, I probably should start updating the ol' resume.

Considered doing Script Frenzy this year, but talked myself out of it again.

I have been writing. I did a strange little River/Serenity drabble for the porn battle over at [ profile] femslash_today. If anyone feels inclined to read it, it's here. Yes, I'm pairing people with spaceships now, it has gone that far.

I'm jonesing for some McManus/Murphy fic, either to write or to read.

Hockey - honestly, I just don't know. It's been a weird season. My beloved Blackhawks getting into the postseason is still hovering somewhere between "if" and "we could wind up in first in the Central if we take the 3 against Detroit" (stop laughing, [ profile] suespur). The Blues are out of it which is really quite disappointing considering how they started. I'm not freaking out too much about the sale of the team, since it's pretty much a cyclical thing here - I've been through at least 4 of the Blues' ownership changes, so I have faith they'll find somebody to keep them here.

Allergy season is kicking my ass right now. It's Mucinex every 4 hours, which is just as awful as it sounds. Why can't anyone make decent tasting couch medicine? Seriously.

That's it for the moment.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 06:28 pm
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Spent the last couple of days at home due to the nasty (ice, snow, cold) weather. Work was actually cancelled yesterday and since they were shortening the day today and presumably not sending anyone out, it seemed a little silly to have to be there.

Haven't written anything recently, but I'm thinking of doing a few drabbles for the [ profile] halfamoon community. Things based on female characters, more in fitting with canon. Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you, [ profile] michele659 for the very cute puppy, who will keep me thinking warm thoughts until spring training gets here!

Still making my way through the DVD of the first season of "Justified". Have to finish the last two episodes by next Wednesday's season 2 premiere. I'm looking forward to it.
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On the bus from hell, heading toward heaven for me a.k.a Chicago. We were expected into Chi-town at 1:30 but developed some air pressure issues (no pressure, no brakes - which I'm told are somewhat important). The climate in here was upwards of 80, with the heat still pumping - we weren't allowed to open the emergency windows to let in cool air, and then as soon as the bus got rolling again it got down to 40. Not fun.

But we're heading to Chicago and right now that's all that matters.

There is a wonderful prompt over at [ profile] hardtime100 that is basically a request for Pre-Oz moments. I've been having fun with it, and I think that other people would too. End PSA.

Looking forward to the Magi reveals - I think I've figured out four stories (not including my own) and two art pieces, but I have no idea who fulfilled my wish at this point. And I want to run a rec list and give credit where credit is due.
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In a little over 11 hours, I will be headed to Chicago for a couple days of R&R. I really don't know why I don't do this more often, because after four months of being around my family, I need a break.

NaNo is going all right. I haven't written today, but I'm up to 17K words so far.

I have a thing for ritual and the annual selecting of [ profile] oz_magi prompts is one of them. Sit there with the list and an ink pen drawing little arrows to the prompts that I like and think I can write. It's fun being able to take part every year although by December 15 (mark your calendars, folks), I will probably be going through the annual ritual of "What the heck am I going to write for Magi?"

Work is a little bit iffy right now, and I'm glad to be leaving it for a couple of days. They are going to be combining two departments in one space - not sure when it's going to happen and they really haven't where we admin temps are going to fit into the whole scheme of things. Although one flow chart did seem to list the title of Customer Service Support Manager for essentially what I have been doing for the past year. No word yet on if I'll be collecting a manager's salary soon, but it's highly unlikely.

The Blues (local hockey team) are playing extremely well, as are the L.A. Kings. Not so much my beloved Blackhawks, but there's still a lot of season left. (Although if they don't win when I'm at the game on Wednesday, I'll be supremely peeved.
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I skipped about 50 messages to find that, yes, indeed, OZ Magi is open for the year. You can find the instructions here.

Right now, I'm so exhausted that I can hardly think of an idea for it. I fought with a bout of stomach flu/food poisoning all day yesterday and haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning. It's not that I'm feeling particularly hungry, but I also didn't sleep well all night so I'm ridiculously tired right now.

And if I wasn't in a stupid, stubborn "must start my NaNo novel at midnight" mood, I probably would do that.


Apr. 7th, 2010 07:29 pm
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Assorted rambling )


Mar. 27th, 2010 09:01 pm
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I've been playing a lot in the femslash communities recently so that's one reason that I haven't seemed to be around often. I've written 2 drabbles for [ profile] femslash100 - Rain in the Desert which is based on a scene in the movie "Desert Hearts" and Risks which is Sophie/Parker from "Leverage". I also have written a little BtVS Dawn/Tara ficlet for [ profile] femslash_minis called Game Night.

In addition to all that, I've still got my two Oz Free For All fics to complete and I've signed up for both the LGBT fest and ScriptFrenzy, so I'll be pretty busy over the next month or so. I'd like to sign up for [ profile] spring_with_xan but I am a little worried about over-committing myself at this point.

Still listening to the Blackhawks when I can. I hope the goaltending gets better come the playoffs.

I spent last weekend squaredancing. It was an incredible amount of fun and I'm going to sign up for convention soon, so 4th of July weekend will be spent in Chicago. Yippee! And a bonus for not having to work - that's something to definitely look forward to.

That's it for the moment. Gotta go do some laundry.
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It seems like my writing production on LJ has diminished every year. I picked up two new fandoms this year - Leverage and Mad Men. And I managed to do a NaNo side project which took up the entirety of November.

Here's a few fics that I'm proudest of this year:
The List )

I hope to write more in 2010. I don't think there will be any new fandoms for me, but one can never be sure (and there may just be a slashy film around the corner that catches my eye). Let me know what you want to see from me and I'll try to comply.
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My Oz Magi story could have been submitted by tomorrow, but I am SO glad they extended the deadline just because I'm still not sure about the ending. I'm pretty happy with the rest of it though, so that's a good thing.

The job situation is still iffy. There are transportation issues involving my lack thereof and the fact that they've put me at an entirely different location than the people I'd be working with (which is an hour away by bus(es) for me). So they might want someone who can go back and forth more quickly between the two locations (although I was told that they were informed of my transportation situation before I started). I'll either be there for the two-year duration or I'll be gone by the end of the year - nothing like a little job security. Right now though there is literally nothing to do there. I know it'll get busy eventually.

My brother is bringing his girlfriend over for Christmas Eve. I could really do without that.

Set some fandom-centric New Year's Resolutions - write a few drabbles (particularly some of the [ profile] hardtime100 ones that I've missed), post what I have finished on "Great Risks" (the story still isn't done though), and update the McManus links page with descriptions of the stories and any links I may have missed in the past few months (please feel free to tell me if I've missed anything).

Speaking of that, if you haven't read it, do check out [ profile] severina2001's Change of Priorities. It's 100 words of pure love.

By the way, I know some of you have been missing my hockey posts *g*. I really do love my Blackhawks (especially when they shutout the Wings).

I should check in before then, but if I don't... I hope you enjoy the holidays!
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... that a simple punch to the nose would give life to a story?

*shakes head and is off to write some more*


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