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Anybody feel like writing a story about Erik & Charles' road trip to find the other mutants - Erik looked pretty happy once Charles dumped the CIA from the search - maybe he had some ulterior motives? I'd love to see something like this. ;)
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My first thought on waking up this morning wasn't on Easter. It was on the fact that at the end of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" everybody who survived is on a bus heading out of Sunnydale. Which made me think of "OZ" and the way it ended. And then it was a quick sidestep to temporal folds or hijacking detours (or some combination of the two) which would make the idea of Rupert Giles & Tim McManus meeting at a rest stop later on somewhat possible.

I wrote my very first BtVS drabble today. (It's here) I'm quite proud of it - I never would have expected to have written for Wesley, at all. It does smack of some OZ S4 McManus - if you've ever read any of my drabbles on the pre-return to EmCity, you'll recognize the emotions.

Went to a nice Easter Vigil service last night. It was quite long - we did 7 readings and all of the rituals involved. Even though we have a small community, it is always very well done.

There are a few more people coming to the shower next weekend. It'll be nice. I was informed today that I still need to send out one more invitation. I'm glad I didn't throw the last of the envelopes away.

Listened to the Hawks-Blues game today. My beloved Blackhawks won. My dad is taking the hard line that he's going to root for the Blues when we go to the game next Saturday (yes, it - and I - will be in St. Louis, but that's really not the point). He knows where my loyalties lie, but I guess this means, I won't go and wear the full red and black ensemble on Saturday, but next Sunday I may.

It's nice to have a few hours before I have to start thinking about work. Only 4 days this week! Hoo-ray!
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They say the ghost of Shirley Bellinger still haunts this place

Don't know why that popped into my head. But a Keller on death row/Bellinger ghost story would be fun.

I just don't think I'm the person to write it.

ETA: Apparently, I was the person to write it. Here's the link to Conversation written 10/30/08.


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