Jan. 14th, 2012 12:02 am
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A wonderful writer has gifted me with an incredible Ryan O'Reily story for [ profile] oz_magi. It's a series of scenes going from childhood to just past Cyril's accident with many entertaining detours in between.

Check it out - In the Before


Jul. 20th, 2011 07:04 am
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Fellow Ozzites-

Check out to the victor goes the spoils by [ profile] angeldylan628. It's a lovely Ryan/Miguel story told from Ryan's POV which shows their developing relationship throughout the seasons and after the finale.

It's definitely worth reading.
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Fellow Ozzites -

Run, don't walk to take a peek at [ profile] bitter_crimson's Death Montage.

Every OZ death set to the music of the can-can.
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Protector by [ profile] ellu_ellu - Jericho fic

and this twisted little branch on the Oz drabble tree by [ profile] nindevotee which you'll just have to read for yourselves -

You Think Those Rumors About Her Having A Puppet Fetish Are True?
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So, I've been busy writing drabbles for the [ profile] halfamoon community. Here's what I've done so far:

Three Drabbles Featuring Ladies in Law Enforcement - Justified (Rachel Brooks), Life (Dani Reese), and Life (Jane Seever)

Three Drabbles Featuring Ladies Outside the Law - OZ (Shirley Bellinger), Leverage (Parker), and Thelma & Louise (Louise Sawyer)

Three Drabbles Featuring Daughters - Now Voyager (Charlotte Vale), The Sopranos (Meadow Soprano), and Mad Men (Sally Draper)

I think the drabble I wrote for Meadow has been my favorite one so far. And surprisingly, the first thing I wrote for Justified wasn't the Art/Raylan fic of my dreams, but a little piece about Rachel who is my favorite woman on the show (but it does manage to mention both Art and Raylan *g*).

I also want to rec fics from the latest round at [ profile] femslash_minis. It's a remix round and the masterlist is here. There's a lot of really good writing for the Buffy/Angel/Firefly fandoms, so check it out if you're interested.
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We have a newcomer to the OZ fandom, [ profile] ellu_ellu who has just begun a WIP about Rosalie Schibetta as she deals with the fallout from Peter's murder (in a way that would make her late father-in-law very proud).

It's definitely not the usual Oz faire, so I would encourage anyone who's willing to go over and check it out. Or just go over and say 'hi' and welcome ellu to the fandom.

Here's the link to the story - Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Apr. 2nd, 2010 06:34 pm
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If you're in the mood for some well-written femmeslash, be sure to check out The Sea Inside by [ profile] jenwryn. It's a crossover of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly" with the pairing of Dawn/Kaylee and is set in the Firefly-verse. I loved the imagery and the way that Dawn interacts with other members of the crew. It's not a long story and the author manages to convey the growth of Dawn and Kaylee's relationship in just under 1200 words. If you like the characters, be sure to take a few minutes to read this.
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My Oz Magi story could have been submitted by tomorrow, but I am SO glad they extended the deadline just because I'm still not sure about the ending. I'm pretty happy with the rest of it though, so that's a good thing.

The job situation is still iffy. There are transportation issues involving my lack thereof and the fact that they've put me at an entirely different location than the people I'd be working with (which is an hour away by bus(es) for me). So they might want someone who can go back and forth more quickly between the two locations (although I was told that they were informed of my transportation situation before I started). I'll either be there for the two-year duration or I'll be gone by the end of the year - nothing like a little job security. Right now though there is literally nothing to do there. I know it'll get busy eventually.

My brother is bringing his girlfriend over for Christmas Eve. I could really do without that.

Set some fandom-centric New Year's Resolutions - write a few drabbles (particularly some of the [ profile] hardtime100 ones that I've missed), post what I have finished on "Great Risks" (the story still isn't done though), and update the McManus links page with descriptions of the stories and any links I may have missed in the past few months (please feel free to tell me if I've missed anything).

Speaking of that, if you haven't read it, do check out [ profile] severina2001's Change of Priorities. It's 100 words of pure love.

By the way, I know some of you have been missing my hockey posts *g*. I really do love my Blackhawks (especially when they shutout the Wings).

I should check in before then, but if I don't... I hope you enjoy the holidays!
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I may have recommended this before, but since it has finally reached the conclusion, I'm reccing it again.

The Giles Thing is a series which begins with Xander, in his senior year of high school, hitting it off in a big way with young Ripper (who has time travelled to Sunnydale). Ripper is sent back, but Xander's feelings about Giles still remain. It continues with Xander and Giles trying to build a relationship in spite of their insecurities and different setbacks along the way. It's a fun ride full of twists and turns and complications with the boys always finding a way back to each other. Check it out!


Nov. 11th, 2009 10:07 am
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There is a wonderful Mad Men fic written by [ profile] fallen_womandepicting Pete and Hildy's relationship before and after the Season 3 finale.

Office Wife

Spoilers abound, so make sure you watch the finale before reading this fic.


Oct. 10th, 2009 10:30 am
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A newbie to the fandom, [ profile] natlet, has written a couple of McManus & Murphy-centric drabbles over at [ profile] hardtime100. They are really good. REALLY good. So check 'em out and give [ profile] natlet a proper Oz welcome.

Prompt: fear (McManus POV)


Prompt: faith (Murphy's POV)
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Just read an excellent Pete/Peggy fic by [ profile] lila82. It'll make more sense if you've seen the episodes "Meditations in an Emergency" (Season 2 finale) and "The Fog" (3.04). The fic "Here's Your Future" is here.

Rec Time

Aug. 25th, 2009 09:29 am
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For those people who read O'Reily/Ortolani, I urge you to read [ profile] dustandroses' latest fic, Another Tuesday. This is a sequel to a 2007 Oz Magi story Tuesday. Both are intensely hot, beautifully descriptive stories and worth checking out.


May. 1st, 2009 08:44 am
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... still not employed. I'm going to have to call in as available again to my temp agencies.

The radish seeds that I planted are starting to sprout. I'm curious about how big they're going to be allowed to get before the rabbits start eating them. Big, killer bunnies in the backyard. I need to get out and weed some time this weekend - between the raindrops.

Before I weed, I have to do something about the ant problem in the house. One would think that with all the water outside, they wouldn't need to come in for it, but they are all over the kitchen and the bathroom. I hate ants.

I think Vancouver has eclipsed Detroit in my most-hated hockey team category. And last night didn't really help. I really hate that Boston is playing Carolina, but at least that means that one team I'm rooting for will get to the conference finals.

I need to continue/start working on my entry for [ profile] spring_with_xan. What's weird is that neither one of them is what I'd planned to write. There are a couple of free-for-all days left, so I might be able to post them then.

And here's a little something by [ profile] iambickilometer for the Dollhouse fans. It's Boyd/Topher.

BTW, if you want to participate in the drabble meme or if you just want to prompt me, the info is here.
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Rachel Maddow did a spot about the Chinese nuclear sub fleet on her show this week. Rachel Maddow talking about submarines. Jeez. The only thing better would be if she'd be the commentator on one of the Blackhawks playoff games (particularly one on television).

I was up until 1AM working on my BtVS fic for [ profile] lgbtfest and then was awake to edit it at 6:15 this morning. I'm a wee bit sleepy now.

[ profile] trillingstar has written an incredible McManus/Murphy story for me. If you haven't had a chance to look at it yet, it's here.

Went to the Cards-Cubs game today. I hate it when bad pitching combines with bad managing. They all but gave up the game in the second inning when they left the pitcher in. It should be like hockey - give up 4 points and you're outta there.

On that note, I fully expect Keenan to pull his goalie at the 10:00 mark of the 3rd if Calgary is behind by a goal. That's my kind of coach. Unfortunately, I will be unable to follow the game since WGN-Radio is in bed with the Cubs (so the Hawks get shoved to a station which doesn't reach St. Louis) and Versus does not believe that teams exist between either coast (with the exception of Detroit) & has booked Anaheim/San Jose (which actually has been a very entertaining series - I'm not that bitter about having to watch it). I hope my beloved Blackhawks clinch anyway, because I'd rather have four more games assured than the possibility of one and out.

A few interesting gems from [ profile] lgbtfest for those interested:

The Princess & The Shadow by [ profile] bitterfig - Batwoman fic!

Making Your Bed in the Prison of your Mind by [ profile] merle_p - Leverage - Nate/Eliot

To Have & To Hold by [ profile] helenkacan - Boston Legal - Denny/Alan

Signing off now. Going to veg for a while before heading to bed.
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Went to see "State of Play" yesterday. It was okay, but I think it lost a bit going from the miniseries to film. It still was fairly involving and intense and Russell Crowe as usual was good.

There was a preview of "Public Enemies" (Johnny Depp!) - I'm really looking forward to that movie. I expect there to be some good slash coming out of it too.

I think I've caught pretty well up on my reading, but if there's something I've missed or not responded to that I should have, feel free to nudge me.

I'm wickedly procrastinating on my fic for [ profile] lgbtfest. It's due Sunday and I haven't got a word in the computer. I don't know what I'm waiting for.

On that note, generally I really hate RPF, but I've been reading fic under the pundit tag at [ profile] lgbtfest like there's no tomorrow. One that I really like is called The Sculpter's Model Sends Regards by Sarken. Sort of a coming-out story in reverse.

Blues were swept out of the playoffs last night on an OT goal. I didn't think I'd get as sad as I did about it, but it was depressing as hell. I hope my beloved Blackhawks win tonight. They played really well on Monday, so I can't fault them for losing, but I'm not sure I can take another loss right now.

Off to write!
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And then I discover something like this browsing through the [ profile] hardtime100 tags. Read at your own discretion, there's some really twisted stuff here (also, some hilariously funny stuff, but it may just be my sense of humor.)

For anybody interested in a little BtVS genderswitch fic, there's the beginning of one called When Xander Harris Was a Girl written by [ profile] nothorse for the [ profile] spring_with_xan community. It's very well written and all the characters are quite well done.

I don't do nearly enough recs.


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