A Moment from the Moments 'verse for [personal profile] trillingstar

Feb. 14th, 2013 06:26 pm
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This is just a little snippet from the Moments 'verse (Ryan O'Reily on board Serenity) dedicated to [personal profile] trillingstar whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday!


“Ryan, what is this?” Mal asks.

“It’s cake. Typical for birthday celebrations.”

“Don’t taste like any cake I’ve eaten in an age,” Jayne contributes, well into his second slice.

“That’s because I used real ingredients like butter & eggs & not just protein paste covered in chocolate.”

“That does in a pinch,” says Kaylee, defending the cakes she’s made since she’s been on the ship. But her eyes roll back as she shoves a forkful of cake into her mouth and Ryan knows he’s made a point.

“Where’d you get the ingredients?” Simon asks.

“Picked them up when we last set down.”

River smirks and he knows she knows, but, hey, when you’ve got a set of skills…

Ryan leans closer to Mal. “Picked up a few other things too. So we can extend the celebration later on.”

And with that, the crew scatters, yelling their birthday wishes at Mal as they go. Jayne stays where he is.

“Need something?” Mal asks, wanting to get his hands on Ryan sooner rather than later.

“Just another piece of that cake.”

“Tell you what, Jayne,” Ryan says. “If you get out of here right now, I’ll make you a cake for your birthday or any other occasion you can name.”

Mal chuckles softly as Jayne leaves the room.

“Thursday will be the occasion he wants to celebrate.”

“If it means having you all to myself for a few minutes, I don’t mind at all.”

Ryan leans in to kiss Mal, then backs off when Zoe steps into the room.

“Captain,” she says and from the tone of her voice, Ryan can tell the party’s over. He starts gathering plates as Mal stands up to leave.

Mal grabs his wrist, stopping him. “See you in my bunk?”

“Count on it,” answers Ryan.
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