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So, I'm heading back from Chicago. Since 4pm Sunday afternoon, I've seen 8 movies both in theaters and on the hotel pay-per-view.
In chronological order -

Shame - the film I was looking most forward to - it was okay. Fassbender's performance was solid, but the story itself wasn't as good or interesting as it could have been. I wish I could articulate better what it was that was missing. I did like the soundtrack though - I wouldn't mind having it and the ambiguous ending seemed to fit.

Drive - saw this on PPV at around 8 AM Monday morning. What a way to start my day. I really loved this movie. It's super-violent after a certain point and a bit predictable, but on the whole a real delight to watch & Ryan Gosling's performance was brilliant. Loved the LA scenery as well - made me miss living there.

Hugo (in 3D) - Side question - Why didn't they bother to put the "Titanic 3D" trailer in 3D - we all had the glasses, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. "Hugo" was the most moving and personal film for me - I didn't think that technically it was anything special (in the way the 3D was used), but the love letter to the early days as well as the lasting impact of film did not disappoint.

A Different Method - Fassbender again. I will say, I prefer the fully-clothed, period drama version of the man. Not a terrible film but Keira Knightly's performance (as well as her accent and really horrid teeth) distracted me from what could have been a really interesting movie about the relationship between Jung and Freud.

The Artist - I liked it. Technically, it's very sound and the fact that Hollywood took a chance on a silent black & white film should be commended. It's a pretty light film and didn't move me nearly as much as "Hugo" did.

The Descendants - Another okay movie. I liked the voice-over narration in the beginning and wished they could have stuck with that throughout, but the whole thing was too predictable and I think it was a little overrated - the actress that plays Clooney's 17 year old daughter was incredible though.

The Ides of March - So apparently Clooney is made more bearable with the appearance of one Ryan Gosling. I really got a kick out of this. Another movie with an ambiguous ending that just works.

Carnage - Wow. This was the way to end it. Well-written and brilliantly performed by all members of the cast. It's a darkly comic little gem.

That was a whole lot better than getting the paperwork together for the State audit we have next week.

Date: 2012-01-19 05:55 am (UTC)
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Thanks so much for this list. I don't get out to movies very often, but several on the list I have been considering making the pilgrimage for. I've memmed the list, as all of these look at least interesting. The ones on PPV/OnDemand I'll look for this weekend. When one has a 52" plasma mounted on the living room wall, going 'out' to see movies just seems to be a bit redundant.


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